"Èlevit is an innovative company based in Bologna, operating in the field of user interfaces for consumer products, offering cutting-edge technologies and reliable supplies."


èlevit arises from a virtuous and unusual synergy between two very distant industries: glass for design applications and electronic engineering.

Michele Aiello and Riccardo Masi, the two founding partners, met at the University while studying Electronic Engineering. In parallel with their studies, Michele worked for companies in the glass and electronic design sectors.

From this combination of skills, Michele and Riccardo began developing capacitive sensors applied to digitally decorated glass with excellent results. After developing the initial prototypes, they began testing the market, finding a strong technological demand for innovation in consumer product interfaces.

Their strong desire to tackle new challenges and their talent dedicated to bringing innovation to technical and industrial sectors have led to the development of the project into a company, Èlevit.

As of now, Èlevit, despite its recent establishment, collaborates with internationally renowned corporations to develop innovative technologies and manufacturing supplies.

Furthermore, it has recently joined a vertical innovation network in the automotive sector, Motor Valley Accelerator.

foto michele

Michele Aiello
Co-founder & CEO

foto riccardo

Riccardo Masi
Co-founder & CTO


From everyday life experience as well as market analysis, it’s understood that the ways of interacting with technological products are on the brink of change.

There is a market gap in the user interface sector that falls between mechanical plastic buttons and touch screens. Many sectors such as automotive, home automation, appliances, some industrial sectors, and others dedicated to consumer products are affected by this issue.

In the few cases where touch solutions are employed, they are often unreliable with significant design compromises. The market demands interfaces with widespread touch technology that are simple, reliable, easy to sanitize and clean, resistant to wear, more sustainable, and with a modern design, like Smart Surfaces.

èlevit was born to solve all this.

èlevit aims to promote a new way of interacting with everyday products through sustainable solutions. Thanks to continuous evolution and technological development, èlevit aims to become the benchmark for this new market.

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